48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
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A World Class International Bilingual Education. An Outstanding Quality of Life.

The Arty Show

A star-studded Arty Show with locally bred talent wowed a huge audience of enthusiastic parents, friends and teachers. Amazing voices, incredible dancers and fantastic instrumentalists provided two hours of fun and high level entertainment. Hats off to you all!

Enrolment for Testing

We are now in the process of accepting Enrolment for testing applications. Please click on the link hereafter to go to the online Enrolment for Admission Testing form. Please prepare a pdf or jpg of the latest school report beforehand.

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If you value an international, English-French bilingual education for your child, set in a cosmopolitan yet charming town within commuting distance to Paris, then the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau may be the ideal choice for your family. Fontainebleau is rich in history and culture and renowned for its stunning forest, equestrian activities, and rock climbing. The surrounding family-friendly communities offer a wide range of housing options to suit your lifestyle.