Confinement through student eyes

During the confinement, I have loved being with my family. During the confinement, I have hated not being able to play football with my friends. After the confinement, the first thing I want to do is play football with my friends all break time.   Max (CP)...

Coping with Confinement #1

There is a lot to say about this confinement! We have experienced so many feelings... from desperation, to doubt, anger, pure happiness and also hope. We were never scared. Never. As expats, we have often been just the six of us in a foreign country. During the confinement we have...

Coping with confinement #2

Firstly, although these are uncertainly and difficult times, it has been nice to spend time as a family at home. We have enjoyed waking up and taking a nice breakfast together. The Seesaw application has been excellent and Jimi has quickly adapted to this and enjoys using it. Of...

Coping with Confinement #3

For our family, like for many others, the confinement has come as a shock, shattering reality. We have seen a number of trips and projects cancelled one after the other but we adapted. This new reality has prompted us to review and adapt our habits as well as cherish the family time....

And you? How do you cope?

what did you and your children learn? what do you miss most from before confinement? how do you stay focused and motivated? what do you appreciate about this period? what has to change in the world when this is over? Drop us a line!...

Coping with confinement #4

By chance I happened to be in my daughter’s History class and loved it! I was very impressed with how it was conducted. She enjoys all her Zoom classes.

Coping with Confinement #5

The workload for my kids is heavy, so I need to accompany them a lot. The upside is getting a much better understanding of what they are actually doing in class. Some of it is really interesting and makes for rich mealtime discussions. I also now have an even greater respect for some...

Coping with Confinement #6

Initially, confinement was stressful because we were lived in a tiny furnished apartment in Fontainebleau. As of April 15, we moved out to a house in a nearby village. Since, it has been wonderful. Having a yard to walk out too, getting the yard in shape working together as a family...

Coping with Confinement #7

Our international ice-skating champion has exchanged one pair of skates for another while the local rink is closed. Whether on ice or asphalt, she knows her whirls and her twirls! Yana (6e)

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Welcome to the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau!

Since 1979, we have been providing a bilingual education for international children aged six to 18 as a fully integrated part of the French National Educational System. We aspire to unite English-speaking children in Fontainebleau and give them a memorable and happy start to life, as well as offer them boundless opportunities to excel.

Our central location and international environment give us the perfect place to help children learn vital life skills: respect for others, to accept differences and to learn to be of value to society. We want our children to use their time within the Anglophone Section to discover themselves, develop their passions and form their bilingual identities, which are a truly great asset in life.

We know that a fulfilling education goes far beyond the classroom and we try to offer a wealth of cultural activities including drama, music and interesting school trips.

Fontainebleau offers a wide variety of educational and historical activities, as well as providing a safe, healthy, outdoor setting for our pupils. Within a tightknit community, parents and staff cooperate closely to make school life lively and eventful and provide many social events for families to meet informally. We want the children to form deep friendships and share values, which will lead them to have balanced and fulfilled lives.

Our team’s aim is to challenge students and encourage them to resolve problems from different cultural perspectives as well as to be flexible and proactive. We want our children to be self-confident and adaptable, able to think on their feet and challenge assumptions in a multicultural environment. We know that these skills are imperative for the rest of their lives wherever they choose to live in the world. Our alumni have happy memories of their time at the Anglophone Section and have gone on to have interesting and varied careers worldwide. However above all, our wish is that all our students leave us with a strong sense of self-worth and identity, an enquiring mind and an international perspective. We look forward to warmly welcoming your child into the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau.

Shaun Corrigan BA MA PGCE


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