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Congratulations to our Terminales who achieved impressive results in this year’s Bac!


36.7% of students achieved a Mention Très Bien, 32.6% a Mention Bien, 16.3% a Mention A. Bien!

Collecting more than 4500 € for the Room to Read charity

The Anglophone Section handed over a cheque of more than 4 500€ to the local representative of Room to Read, a charity which aims to promote reading in developing countries of the world, opening libraries, training teachers and librarians and providing books in native languages to children who need them.

Mrs Kathleen Sanchez from Room to Read explained that they will be able to create, write, illustrate and publish 4,570 books for children in the 10 countries where we have literacy programmes with the money that students collected from their sponsors.

“If we were to stack end to end lengthwise the number of Room to Read books, which average 20 centimeters in length, the Anglophone Section readers will have created a tower of books over 900 meters high,” she described, “That’s taller than the Eiffel Tower!”

Anglophone Section presentant cheque Room to Read Mr Corrigan et Mme Sanchez

Mr Corrigan and Mrs Sanchez with a group of avid readers from the Section.

Nepal Humanitarian Project

For the first time ever, three groups of Anglophone Section students are going to spend some of their summer working in a community service project in Nepal under the auspices of Projects Abroad, a seasoned overseas volunteering projects leader.

The Section hopes to build on students’ volunteer experience abroad by setting-up an independent study program during the next academic year for highly motivated students who are interested in researching humanitarian issues, possibly under the supervision of willing INSEAD professors whose academic research is in a related field.


(photo: Projects Abroad)

Peter Pan Play

Arthur as Hook

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