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Contact Parents

A team of Anglophone Contact Parent volunteers are available each year and have two main objectives:

1. To improve communication between the section, the association and parents and to provide a point of contact for parents on non-pedagogical questions

2. To help with the integration of new families by helping newcomers understand life at the school and integrate well into the local environment.  

Events such as coffee mornings, picnics and other social events are organised by the Contact Parents for their relevant classes throughout the year.

You can find the list of this year’s Contact Parents below.  Their telephone numbers and emails can be found at the back of the Anglophone Address book.


CP      Dagmara Boryszczyk-Roure
CE1    Nathalie Watchman
CE2    Claudine Galpin
CM1   Gitte Staeger-Holst & Sandrine Michot
CM2   Marion Dumontoy & Laetitia Lamb


6 ème   Claudine Galpin, Lucy Batchelor
5 ème   Lucy Batchelor, Sylvie Pajot-Moric
4 ème   Andy Parkes
3 ème   Sandra Jackson


Berangere Noyau

Contact Parent Coordinator

Dagmara Boryszczyk-Roure