48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
+33 1 64 22 11 77

Primaire (Elementary School)

Our host Primary School, “Ecole Internationale Léonard de Vinci,” is a French public school with two International Sections: an Anglophone Section and a Germanophone Section. The school has approximately 275 students. The Head of the School (La Directrice) is Mme Perrin.

Approximately half the students at the school are in the Anglophone Section, which is an independent, self-funded “department” operating within the Ecole Internationale Léonard de Vinci as well as within an adjacent Middle School (Collège International Fontainebleau) and High School (Lycée François Premier). The Head of the Anglophone Section across all three schools is Shaun Corrigan.

The Anglophone Section has dedicated classrooms and a well-stocked library of English books from a variety of authors. The school borders the spectacular Fontainebleau forest and has dedicated five-minute parking spots to ease traffic flow during drop-off and pick-up. There is free parking on the forest road opposite the school and the school is within easy walking distance of the town centre.