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History & Geography Department

In our contact with students, in and out of the classroom, we work to develop the following:
  • Self-confidence
  • Social and self-awareness
  • Knowledge of the past, an appreciation of its value and the possibility of its application
  • An understanding of a range of concepts including cause and consequence, continuity and change, similarity and difference, power, politics, conflict, totalitarianism
  • Reading and listening skills
  • Writing (particularly note-taking, extended answer and essay writing) and speaking skills
  • The ability to work effectively independently and within a class
  • The ability to make and present, in writing and orally, informed, reasoned, autonomous judgments
  • The ability to recall information
  • Self-organisation in terms of materials, tasks and time
  • An understanding of the nature and importance of the work of historians
  • An understanding of the variety and nature of historical sources and the ability to evaluate, compare and extract relevant information from them
  • An understanding and appreciation of Anglophone culture
  • A lasting interest and pleasure in, and appreciation of, the value of History and Geography

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