48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
+33 1 64 22 11 77

Lycée (High School)

The Lycée International François Premier, Fontainebleau is a French government school providing education for students who are willing and able to follow the three academic streams of the baccalaureate :

  • Bac L : emphasis on literature and language studies
  • Bac ES : emphasis on economics & social studies
  • Bac S : emphasis on maths & sciences

The Lycée has two International Sections – Anglophone and Germanophone and four Post-Bac Preparatory Classes for the French Grandes Ecoles.  The Anglophone Section provides the English Language and Literature and English History and Geography part of the OIB.   M Jean-Michel Domenec is the Proviseur of the Lycée and is helped by his deputy M Didier Matha.

The Lycée International Francois Premier, Fontainebleau has approximately 1500 students over the three Lycée classes and four Prepa classes.