48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
+33 1 64 22 11 77

Lycée (High School)

The Lycée International François Premier, Fontainebleau is a French government school providing education for students who are willing and able to follow the three academic streams of the baccalaureate :

  • Bac L : emphasis on literature and language studies
  • Bac ES : emphasis on economics & social studies
  • Bac S : emphasis on maths & sciences

The Lycée has two International Sections – Anglophone and Germanophone and four Post-Bac Preparatory Classes for the French Grandes Ecoles.  The Anglophone Section provides the English Language and Literature and English History and Geography part of the OIB.   M. Berthelot is the Proviseur of the Lycée and is helped by his deputy M. Toitot.

The Lycée International Francois Premier, Fontainebleau has approximately 1500 students over the three Lycée classes and four Prepa classes.