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Primaire Curriculum


Anglophone Section teachers are experienced educators who speak English as a mother tongue. Our dynamic teachers’ multi-sensory approach to learning helps children achieve their potential within a safe, secure, happy environment. Pair, group and independent learning is promoted at all age levels.

LogoTransparentPrimary students enrolled in the Anglophone Section have 6 hours of English teaching per week as part of their normal schedule. The English curriculum is determined by the Anglophone Section and approved by the French Ministry of Education.

The remaining teaching is done in French. Students learn alongside both French and Anglophone students. Both the French curriculum and the French teachers are supplied by the French Ministry of Education. At the Ecole International Leonard de Vinci, French primary teachers are required to have a good level of understanding of the English language.

Pupil progress for English and French learning is measured according to the respective British and French national curriculum assessment criteria.

Overview of the French System

The French government has prepared a very useful document carefully explaining how the French schooling system works.  A link to the document (in English) can be found here: School Education in France. This document is also available in French and German on the Ecole Internationale Léonard de Vinci website. Another document (in French and English) explaining how the international sections work is available here: Les Sections Internationales / The International Sections .

French Primary Curriculum

French Primary Curriculum on the French Ministry of Education website.

Bilan des Competences

This is the French School Report Card which follows your child’s progress throughout primary school.  They are handed to parents for signature at the end of each term.  Generally, they have to be returned within a day or two.

Primary Play

The Primary Play is one of the social and pedagogical highlights of the CM2’s final year in Primary and is widely attended by the whole primary school.  All the CM2 Anglophone classes perform in the play which is seen as a team-building bonding event as the children graduate from Primary before moving to College. The Primary Play is performed in June every year.

Homework Policy

1. Information is given to parents regarding homework at beginning of the year.

CP: reading only
CE1: 1 homework per week + reading workbooks
CE2: 1 homework a week+ reading workbooks
CM1: 2 homeworks a week or long-term assignments
CM2: 2 homeworks a week or long-term assignments

2. Each homework assignment is set with a due date clearly marked on homework sheet glued into child’s homework book.

Late homework policy:

1. Teacher writes directly on homework sheet: late homework and parent’s signature with a new due date.
2. If child still hasn’t handed in homework: teacher writes in “cahier de correspondance”.
3. If problem persists: teacher calls parents.
4. If none of the above have an effect on family, an official letter will be sent home.


The figure below depicts, in timeline format, a comparison between the French, English and USA education systems.  To view this in more details click Interactive integrated French-British-USA education systems time line to download this information in Excel format.

pencils on block paper

A comparison of the UK, USA, and French education systems