48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
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Primaire School Life

School times

8.15-11.15 and 13.00-15.15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

8.15-11.15 on some Wednesdays for Anglophone CPs and CE1s according to a predefined schedule.

The school is closed on Wednesday afternoons. The school gates open 10 minutes before lessons start.

Nouvelles Activités Périscolaires / Aide au Travail Personnel

16.30-17.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

To enroll students in either the Nouvelles Activités Périscolaires or the Aide au Travail Personnel, contact the Espace Famille in Fontainebleau.

Term Dates 2018- 2019

3 September – First day of school

19 October  – Toussaint Holiday begins after class

5 November – Classes resume

21 December – Christmas Holiday begins

7 January – Classes resume

22 February – Winter Holiday begins

11 March  – Classes resume

19 April – Spring Holiday begins

6 May – Classes resume

5 July – Last day of school

Official French National Education calendarNote: Holidays start after class and school resumes on the morning of the day indicated. Students with no class on Saturdays are on holiday as of the Friday evening after class.

In addition, there will be no school on the following public holidays:

Wednesday 8th May
Thursday 30th May
Fridayday 31st May


CP-CM1 students eat at the College Canteen from 11.30-12.00. CM2 students eat at the Lycee Canteen from 11.30-12.00. Menus are posted on the notice-board in front of the school or on the Primary School French Website.

Lunchtime Clubs

During the colder months, lunchtime clubs or ateliers are run by the local town hall, teachers or parents to provide children with a creative way of enjoying their lunch-break. These clubs are very popular with the children and cover many varied subjects such as board games, an introduction to science or Spanish.

A big thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help! If anyone else would like to propose a work-shop, please contact the Anglophone Section office.

School Trips

Outings are provided for each year group. Our proximity to Paris means that day trips are possible to museums, theatres and places of cultural and historical value. We are also very lucky to have an animal park within day-trip distance and this visit is very popular with our younger students.

The CM1 and CM2 students go for a residental trip once a year. Our central location means that excursions to the landing beaches of Normandy, the wild coast of Brittany and the volcanos of Auvergne are less than 5 hours coach trip away.

For exploration outside the classroom we are within easy walking distance of the world-famous Fontainebleau forest and students have the occasion to study the changing seasons and local fauna and flora closely.

The renowned Theatre of Fontainebleau and local cinema are within walking distance of the school and children are often taken to see shows or even to perform at the theatre.

Sport in School

Sport is an integral part of the French National Curriculum. Children walk with their class to the nearby gymnasium or take a dedicated school bus to the local swimming pool. During the Autumn term, the children prepare the school cross-country race, la cross, which has previously taken place at the Grand Parquet Fontainebleau – well known for its international show-jumping events and three-star eventing.

After School Care

16.00 to 18.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

This is a fee-paying service which will be billed to you by Fontainebleau Espace Famille at the same time as your canteen bill.

After School Activites

There are an abundance of sports and activites available in Fontainebleau and the surrounding area. The Fontainebleau Town website has a fantastic brochure showing all the sports available here.  Details of cultural activities are available here. For the surrounding villages, please consult the individual municipal websites. Generally, at the end of August, each village holds a “sports and association fair” day where people can sign up for the year. For some sports and activities, however, it is also possible to join during the school year, depending on availability. There is an active network of carpooling parents bringing children to and from the various sports and activites. Please consult our Geographic Location Map for logistics planning.

School Rules

The school rules for Primary can be found here.

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