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Primaire Enrichment Activities

Primary Play

The Primary Play is one of the social and pedagogical highlights of the CM2′s final year in Primary and is attended by the whole primary school. All the CM2 Anglophone classes perform in the play which is seen as a team-building event as the children graduate from Primary before moving to College. The Primary Play is performed in June every year. In 2013, the play was Aeosop’s Foibles. An article (in French) appeared about the play in the local newspaper “La Republique”.

Article about school play in La Republique newspaper

Anglophone Play Press Article La Rep

School Trips

Outings are provided for each year group. Our proximity to Paris means that day trips are possible to museums, theatres and places of cultural and historical value. We are also very lucky to have an animal park within day-trip distance and this visit is very popular with our younger students.

The CM1 and CM2 students go for a residental trip once a year. Our central location means that excursions to the landing beaches of Normandy, the wild coast of Brittany and the volcanos of Auvergne are less than 5 hours coach trip away.

For exploration outside the classroom we are within easy walking distance of the world-famous Fontainebleau forest and students have the occasion to study the changing seasons and local fauna and flora closely.

The renowed Theatre of Fontainebleau and local cinema are within walking distance of the school and children are often taken to see shows or even to perform at the theatre.

Family Sports Day

The Annual Family Sports Day is a highlight of the social calendar and greatly anticipated by all. It is a very good way for newcomers to meet other parents and children in the Anglophone Section. Traditional games such as the egg and spoon race, the sack race and the three-legged race run alongside some more inventive ones … such as the welly-wangling competition.

Social Events

The parents of the Anglophone Section have a active social committee team. The events held each year depend on the amount of parental involvement. The school year 2013-2014 has been particularly productive. The first event was the Family Sports Day, followed by a Champagne Reception for parents, a Valentines’ Ball, a retirement party for a long-serving teacher who had been with the Section for over 30 years and, of course, the extremely successful Primary Christmas Party. This year the party included all three sections and was attended by the Mayor of Fontainebleau. One child quoted,

“This is better than a day at … (a well-known themepark).”

Future events in 2014: see Events Feed on homepage.

Suggested Reading Lists by Class

Our English teachers have put together the following suggested reading lists by class. This is suggested, not compulsory reading aimed at encouraging our students to enjoy reading and a great variety of literature.

CP and CE1




Anglophone Library

The Anglophone Section has a dedicated Library where students can borrow English language books. Students are encouraged to write reports on books they have enjoyed to help others choose which books they would like to read.