48 rue Guérin, 77300 Fontainebleau, France
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College Teachers



(Middle School)

Anglophone Section


Shaun Corrigan

Graeme Arthur

Graeme Arthur

Jeannie Rios

Jeannie Rios

Richard Sanderson

Richard Sanderson


Bill McIntyre

Ruth-Anne Kendrick

Ruth-Anne Kendrick


Marcel Tillier


Will Rennie


Hannah Vaughan

Head of College

The Head of the French College is Mme JOUBERT.

French Teachers

There are several teachers for each of the different subjects depending on the class your child is in.  During the first week of school, your child will be given a list of teachers to enter into his/her Carnet. At a general parent-teacher meeting in the first term, the form teachers will present their classes and each teacher will briefly present their subject. More in depth one-to-one interviews will be held in the second term at the parent-teacher meetings. At any time, you may request a meeting with your child’s teachers via the form in the carnet.

English Teachers

The Head of the Anglophone Section is Mr Shaun Corrigan.
English Language and Literature is taught by Mr Arthur, Mr Corrigan, Mrs Rios, Mr Sanderson, Mr Tillier and Ms Vaughan.
History and Geography are taught by Mr Rennie, Ms Vaughan and Mr McIntyre.

Suggested Reading Lists

Our teachers have put together the following suggested reading lists by class:




3ème and 2nde