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College School Life

School Times

08.20-17.30 with a break for lunch. Depending on their time-table, students will finish around 17.30. Exceptionally, they may finish earlier. School is closed on Wednesday afternoons and a sports club exists on Wednesday afternoons.

Anglophone Section students in College have 6 hours of English lesson time which is divided between English Langauge and Literature and History-Geography.

Term Dates 2018- 2019

3 September – First day of school for 6e
4 September – First day of school for 5e, 4e, 3e

19 October  – Toussaint Holiday begins after class

5 November – Classes resume

21 December – Christmas Holiday begins

7 January – Classes resume

22 February – Winter Holiday begins

11 March  – Classes resume

19 April – Spring Holiday begins

6 May – Classes resume

5 July – Last day of school

Official French National Education calendar
Note: Holidays start after class and school resumes on the morning of the day indicated. Students with no class on Saturdays are on holiday as of the Friday evening after class.

In addition, there will be no school on the following public holidays:

Wednesday 8th May
Thursday 30th May
Friday 31st May


Students eat at the school canteen at lunch-time. This service is billed monthly by the college.

Carnet de Correspondance

This is your liaision document with the school. Your child needs to have this with him/her at all times in order to enter/exit the school.  All communications with the school will be via this document, for example if you want to meet one of your child’s teachers you need to fill out a note in the appropriate section. A list of your child’s teachers and subjects is at the beginning of the book, along with your child’s time-table. Homework will be written in a separate diary.

Sport in School

Sport is an integral part of the French Curriculum and student’s grade in Sports counts towards their overall grade average.  A Sports Club is available on Wednesday afternoons.


This is known as Study Periods in other countries.  When you child has a study period between classes they can go to “Permanence” to study.

School Rules

These can be found inside your child’s Carnet de Liasion. It is important that both parents and students sign this document.

London Theatre Trip

The Collège London Theatre Trip has proved to be very popular over the last 12 years.

Ever year around 30 Collège students (4e and 3e) spend 6 days in London visiting the city, its sights and its museums but the main focus is the Theatre. We manage to see 4 or 5 top shows and plays on in the West End, probably the greatest theatre land in the world. A backstage tour of one of the theatres provides an insight to behind the scenes. In 2007 the 4e went to the Globe Theatre and the 3e to the Royal Opera at Covent Garden.

This is of course a wonderful cultural experience for the student some of whom have never visited England before and provides a great introduction to theatre.

Buthiers Outdoor Weekend

Each year, at the end of September/beginning of October, the Anglophone Section Collège students are offered the opportunity of participating in a weekend of outdoor activities at the Buthiers Open Air Adventure Centre some 20 km from Fontainebleau in the heart of the beautiful forest.

Students travel by coach to the camp early on a Friday morning and spend the next two and a half days enjoying a wide variety of activities. These include rock-climbing, abseiling, karting and handi-sports and culminate in the thrilling aerial adventure course combining tree trekking, daring descents and the spider’s web. All these activities are organized by the fully qualified camp staff. Accommodation is in comfortable dormitories and the food is wonderful! Parents collect their children at the end of the camp just before lunch on the Sunday.

Throughout the duration of the camp, Anglophone Section staff (and often parents) accompany the students to ensure adequate supervision and to enable students and staff to get to know each other better outside the confines of the school and classroom.

Students are informed of the dates of the camp at the start of the new school year and, although this activity is very popular and places are limited to approximately 70, the Section strives to ensure fairness in allocating places. When appropriate, priority is given to students new to the Section and to France in order to help facilitate their integration into their new environment.

This camp, bringing together as it does a group of boys and girls of all ages between 11 and 14 as well as Section teachers (and usually the Head of Section!) offers an excellent opportunity for all involved to forge new friendships, experience and strengthen mutual understanding, build self confidence and, of course, to enjoy a wonderful time in this beautiful setting.

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