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Lycee Teachers



(High School)

Anglophone Section


Shaun Corrigan

Graeme Arthur

Graeme Arthur

Richard Sanderson

Richard Sanderson


Marcel Tillier


Bill McIntyre


Will Rennie


Ruth-Anne Kendrick

French Teachers

Link to French site of Lycee International François 1er.

Head of Lycee

The Head of the Lycée International Francois 1er is M. Berthelot.

English Teachers

The Lycée has 7 teachers with Graeme Arthur serving as Head of English and Will Rennie as Head of History/Geography. All teaching staff are mother-tongue English speakers and hold degrees and teaching certification from their home system. They currently include British and American nationals.

Suggested Reading Lists

Our teachers have put together a list of suggested reading per class level.  Please note this is not the official curriculum reading list for Lycee.

3ème and 2nde

1ère and Terminale