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Lycee Exams

What is the OIB?

The OIB (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat) is a highly demanding flagship examination offered by the French Ministry of Education and moderated by Cambridge International Examinations, which itself is part of the 800 year old Univeristy of Cambridge.

LogoTransparentThe OIB adds subjects taught in English (Language and Literature, History-Geography) to the traditional French Baccalauréate. The subjects studied are substantial in depth and coverage and are validated by the French Ministry of Education and moderated by the Univeristy of Cambridge International Examinations. The exams are extremely demanding as they require not only the full Baccalaureate as studied by all French students but two additional subjects to A-level standard – bearing in mind many normal stream English students in England would only take 3-4 A-levels. Further information is available here.

The OIB is available in all three academic streams of the French Baccalauréate – S, ES, L.  The total number of Guided Learning Hours for the OIB is between 2 214 and 2 394 depending on the stream chosen compared to  1600 guided learning hours for 4 A-levels and 5 AS levels bearing in mind only the top academic students would study so many A and AS levels.

Quote from the OIB-brochure:

The typical guided learning hours for OIB English and History-Geography are 80% of the GLH for A2 subjects. The units in English Language & Literature and History–Geography consist of written and oral examinations. The Written examinations assess knowledge, understanding and skills comparable to those of A2 examinations. The Oral examinations assess the candidate’s ability to present, analyse and evaluate literary texts or historical–geographical content, and to defend a point of view before two examiners.

Our OIB Language and Literature results:


Our OIB History – Geography results:


What are iGCSEs?

The IGCSEs are the world’s most popular international qualification for 14-16 year olds. They are recognized by leading universities and employers worldwide and have been developed for over 25 years. Our iGCSES are examined by the Cambridge International Examinations board. The school prepares students for iGCSEs in the following subjects: English First Language – Language and English First Language – Literature.

2nde: IGCSE Literature

All students are entered to sit the Cambridge English Literature IGCSE in May.


Students will complete 2 coursework assignments:

  • (i) one on Shakespeare
  • (ii) one on a novel of the teacher’s choice.

Each piece is drafted, marked by the teacher giving pointers to the student as to how it can be improved and then redrafted before being awarded a mark and a band.

The coursework accounts for 25% of the total award


The exam follows Set Texts – Open Books – and lasts 2 hours 15 minutes.

There are three sections:

  1. Play
  2. Novel
  3. Poetry

It comprises a mixture of passage based, empathic and essay questions. Candidates must answer at least one passage based and one essay question. New to GCSE and A Level literature exams a few years ago, empathic questions address the same assessment objectives as the passage based and essay questions but give the candidate an opportunity to engage more imaginatively with the text by assuming a suitable “voice” (i.e. a manner of speaking for a particular character).

Students will have ample practice in all forms of question over the course of the year.

Study after the IGCSE exam

Work begins on the texts to be studied in 1ere. This ensures that students will arrive in September having read some of the literature they will be studying.

OIB Student Information

Further information can be found in this downloadable pdf:


Text and exercise book