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Anglophone Section – Association Statutes

In French, followed by a non-binding translation into English.

Statuts – Statutes

Overview of the French Schooling System

The French Ministry of Education has prepared a very useful document in English explaining how the French education system works.

2013 School Education in France

French Primary Curriculum

This can be found here.

Anglophone Section Primary Curriculum

The present Primary Curriculum document is currently being updated but the previous version can be found here.

UK (English) Primary Curriculum

UK (English) Primary Curriculum

College Curriculum

A link to the new French Ministry of Education document explaining how the International Section curriculum fits in with the regular French curriculum can be found here.

Lycée Curriculum

The French Ministry of Education provides information about the different E, ES, L Streams. Wikipedia describes how the OIB can fit into each of these streams.

OIB Handbook

A very comprehensive introduction to the OIB has been produced by ASIBA (Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones) in conjunction with Cambridge International Examinations. The document can be found here:



The Anglophone Section prepares students for iGCSEs in the following subjects: English First Language – Language. English First Language – Literature. Further information about these iGCSEs can be found here.

English First Language – Language

English First Language – Literature

Summer English Reading Lists by Class

CP and CE1







3ème and 2nde

1ère and Terminale

Additional reading suggestions can be found at www.booktrust.org.uk  with a list of “100 books every child should read before they’re 14”.

Règlement Intérieur Primary (School Rules)

Règlement intérieur Ecole Leonard de Vinci

Useful links

Here are some useful links:

ASIBA (Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones)

Ecole Internationale Léonard de Vinci

College International de Fontainebleau

Lycée International François Premier, Fontainebleau

Mairie de Fontainebleau

French Ministry of Education

School Holiday Schedule

Academie de Creteil

CNED – French distance learning.


University application process

Student financing


Entrance Exams

Each college/university specifies which exams they require, so check the admission requirements carefully.

College Board (PSAT, SAT)


University applications Common Application

Financial Aid




Post-bac programmes

Listing of Grandes Ecoles


Reglement Interieur College (School Rules)

The College school rules can be found in your child’s Carnet de Correspondance. It is important that both parents and students sign this document at the beginning of the school year.

Common European Framework of Reference for Language

The CEFR Assessment Grid shows the level of profiency required for each of the six levels of reference for the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, from A1 (beginners level) to C2 (Master level) through each of the different forms – understanding, speaking and writing. These can also be applied according to the context in which the lanugage is used – educational, occupational, presentational or personal.

The framework was drawn up by the Council of Europe and further information may be found on their website.

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