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Bilingual Education

French and English Learning
The benefits of being multilingual extend far beyond the practical implications of being able to communicate to a broader range of people. Visit The Bilingual Education to learn what experts have to say.
LogoTransparentAnglophone Section students learn in an immersive French AND English environment, which accelerates learning of both languages. Although proportions may vary somewhat according to age and individual configuration of lessons, roughly 25% of learning time is spent in a full English-speaking environment, where students are taught by experienced English-mother-tongue teachers. The rest of their learning time is spent in a French-speaking environment alongside both Anglophone and Francophone students. Most of the French teachers have a good understanding of English as well. For students new to the French language, “French as a Foreign Language” lessons are available to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.
Comparing Education Systems
We know it can be confusing trying to understand how your child fits into the French system in comparison to other systems. for a clearer idea, have a look at the graphic below. Hopefully it can help you get a better idea. Of course, as with any system there are variations according to each child’s ability, but this comparison should give you a general idea.