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Contact Parents

A dedicated network of Contact Parents ensures that new students and parents are warmly welcomed into our community.  For Primary and College each year group has one or two contact parents who organise events for parents to meet other parents with children in the same year groups and for the children to LogoTransparentmake friends outside of the school environment. Events organised by Contact Parents have included: coffee mornings, picnics in the park, ice-skating parties, Mum’s nights out and bowling events amongst others.

Should you have any questions about life in the primary school or college or any non-academic issues, your Contact Parent will be happy to help you. All Contact Parents meet twice a term, once with the Head of Contact Parents and once with the Head of the Anglophone Section and the Head of Contact Parents, to discuss various subjects concerning pastoral care.

Social Committee

Our hardworking Social Committee team is very active and organises a range of events including the Family Sports Day,  Parents Champagne Reception, Alumni Drinks Party, an annual Parents Fundraising Dinner and the extremely popular Primary School Christmas Party.

Family Sports Day

This highly popular event was held at the beginning of the school year and has proved to be a very useful occasion for parents to informally meet and help welcome new families into our community.  The winner of the “welly-wanging” competition this year came all the way from Australia!

Primary School Christmas Party

This year the Christmas Party included over 140 children from the Anglophone, French and German sections and was attended by the Mayor of Fontainebleau. An extensive range of workshops had been set up to entertain the children in a room that looked like a winter wonderland.  The Magician was very popular and Santa was eagerly awaited by the children.

Parental Involvement

There are numerous occasions for parents to help out with the Anglophone Section.  Parents act as Contact Parents, make up the Social Committee, assist in fund-raising for the Lycée MUN projects, and of course, help behind the scenes for the three plays produced by the section.  If you would like to help and have skills in any of the following areas, please let us know: photography, writing, sewing/costume making, making props, lighting/music coordination, sports organisational skills, management skills, fundraising skills, cooking …

There are three different French Parents Organisations which are separate from the Anglophone section.  For more details, please go to the different school websites. Ecole International Leonard de Vinci, College International de Fontainebleau and Lycée International François Premier, Fontainebleau.

Anglophone Section Board

The Anglophone Section Board oversees the finances and administration of the Section. Members of the Board are elected at the Section’s Annual General Meeting held annually in October or November. Members are elected for two year terms (renewable), and half of the Board is elected each year.

The Anglophone Section Board meets monthly during the school year, with the Head of Section and a representative of the teaching staff, to discuss any non-pedagogical issues concerning the section. The role of the Board is as follows:

  • recruitment of staff, in conjunction with the Head of Section
  • managing section finances, including setting & collecting fees and paying salaries
  • making provision for staff pensions and company savings plans
  • approving staff development and training courses
  • approving expenditure for office equipment and teaching materials, including computers & multi-media resources
  • supporting the teaching staff, and in particular the senior management team, in pedagogical decisions and choice of educational programmes
  • overseeing fund-raising activities and social events
  • enabling effective communication among parents, and between parents and teachers
  • maintaining links with other international sections and appropriate educational organisations

Most importantly, Board members represent the wider parent body, and parents should not hesitate to contact any member if they have a general query regarding the Anglophone Section (issues relating to pedagogy should be directed to the appropriate teacher). Both the minutes of Board meetings and the accounts (as approved at the AGM) are available in the office for review.


As many of our students live in out-lying villages, transporting students in Primary to and from school is a daily activity for parents. Often parents who live in the same village or villages along the same route will organise an informal carpooling rota. This is in no way officially organized by the Section. For more information, ask your class Contact Parent.  Please look at our Geographical Location Page to see the different routes.

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