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Admissions and Fees

Fee Structure and Rules

The Anglophone Section of Fonainebleau operates as a fee-paying International Section. Tuition fees range from 2691 € in Primary to 2876 € in Lycée.

The current Fee Structure and Rules can be found here:
In English: EnrolmentAgreement 2018-19
En français : Convention d’inscription 2018-2019

Admissions Criteria

1. Students whose mother tongue is English will be eligible for admission to the Section provided that they meet the linguisitic entry requirements and that previous school reports and assessment indicate that they should be able to benefit from the type of instruction offered by the Section.

2. Students whose mother tongue is not English but who are otherwise judged by the Head of Section and teachers to be linguisitically and academically suited to the type of instruction offered by the Section may be admitted. Parents of these students will be made aware in writing of the conditions of entry and of progress at appropriate times. This applies not only to Primary students, but also to those entering 6e.

3. Students experiencing serious learning difficulties in their current school system will not normally be admitted to the Section, which is not equipped or intended to meet such needs.

4. Students cannot be admitted to the Anglophone Section in the Lycee Francois 1er unless their level of French language attainment and their general grade level is considered by the French host school to be adequate.

Admissions Procedure

1. Admission to the Anglophone Section is by written test and interviews which are normally carried out in March or April each year (please see below for this year’s testing date). In all cases, previous school reports and assessment documents must be provided. Students entering CP (1st year of Primary) will be assessed orally.

2. At least two members of the Section teaching staff will assess each application. The final decision on admission will be taken by the Inspecteur de l’Académie following the suggestions of the Chef d’Etablissement and the Head of the Section.

3. Written confirmation (or rejection) will be made to the parents attesting that the students has satisfied (not satisfied) the linguistic entry requirements of the section.

4. The Head of the Anglophone Section and the heads of the host schools (Léonard de Vinci primary, Collège International middle school or Lycée François 1e high school) attribute available places to successful candidates. Parents will receive official notification.

5. For Primaire students residing outside the natural catchment area our schools, a derogation may need to be obtained from the local mayor’s office, but is normally a formality. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Enrolment Form

The following online enrolment form needs to be filled in if you would like your child to be tested. Please click here.
Testing costs 150€.

Testing Dates

Local testing takes place in April in Fontainebleau for the following academic year. For the 2018-2019 school year, the bulk of admission testing has already been done but it is still possible to submit an admission for testing request at this stage.

We do testing throughout the year, but successful candidates will be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available. Remote testing can be arranged in collaboration with the student’s current school. Please contact the Anglophone Section office: +33 1 64 22 11 77 or by email [email protected].

Contact us

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