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The Bilingual Education

“A Multilingual Brain is Nimbler, Quicker, Better Able to Deal with Ambiguities”

bilingual-brain-fr_ukIs a bilingual, bi-cultural education preferable to a monolingual, mono-cultural education? We’ll let the experts answer:

“…a multilingual brain is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia longer.” Read more

“…multilingual individuals [are] not only superior to their single-language colleagues in terms of their ability to communicate cross-culturally, but also in terms of a wide range of other high level brain functions.” Read more

“Bi-culturals, it turns out, are more creative than individuals who only identify themselves with a single country.” Read more


“… bilinguals have shown that they are better able to focus on demanding mental tasks despite distractions.” Variety makes you more mentally fit. Read more

Developing critical thinking skills by challenging students to resolve problems from several different cultural perspectives is a key part of our educational focus. Students learn to develop the self-confidence and adaptability needed to be able to think on their feet and challenge assumptions in a multicultural environment. These skills are actively sought not only by leading universities around the world but also by multinationals who need graduate recruits to be immediately operational in any of their bases worldwide.
In addition to the benefits highlighted above, our bilingual and bi-cultural teaching programme gives students the possibility to seamlessly move into other national Anglophone systems or join the well-established world-wide network of French International Lycées, should their parent’s work commitments necessitate an international move.