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A few testimonials from those who have chosen the Anglophone Section and the Fontainebleau area

Dear Anglophone Section,

I am sending this e-mail to thank the Anglophone Section for the amazing experience I am having at the University of Sheffield following my BA degree in Journalism. I would like to thank you for the full support I had in my last year of college and for the amazing job the staff did for us as students. I'm grateful for the advice Mr. Corrigan and Mrs. Kendrick have given me to realize my biggest dream. Every single thing I did with the Anglophone Section was a treasure: The general classes, the trips, the books we read, the MUN, the plays... All of these are helping me out every day to integrate myself in my new city. It is surely the best experience of my life thanks to the teaching I had been given by the Anglophone Section. - Mariana R. (former student)

We love living in Fontainebleau

LogoTransparentWe love living in Fontainebleau. It has the small town community atmosphere where you have the impression of knowing everyone and feel completely safe, yet has the international and wide cultural scope of a big city. Our children feel so at home here with so many bilingual friends who have similar backgrounds to themselves. There are so many interesting and thoughtful people here and on top of that we have the beautiful Fontainebleau forest surrounding us. We would find it hard to leave now!"  - Debby Montelly – CEDEP, Communications Manager and Hervé Montelly - Imperial Tobacco, Human Resources Manager

We never regretted our choice

We have spent 7 years overseas and although we  are French, our children only went to English schools while we were abroad. So coming back to France was quite a challenge for all of us! Among all the international schools we could have chosen for them, we chose L’Ecole Internationale Leonard de Vinci, even though it means a very long commute for my husband who works in Paris. We chose that school because it is more than just an international school : starting with the help we got from Kelly for administrative issues, up to the fully committed team of teachers our children met when visiting the school for the first time. My children always feel as if they are still abroad, they have teachers who understand them, meet new friends like them coming from all over the world. It has been now 3 years since they started at Leonard de Vinci and we never regretted our choice." - Natacha T

Fontainebleau ticked all the boxes

After living in Singapore, Norway and Iran for 15 years, we were delighted to hear we would be posted to our designated home country, France. As a French-Irish family, it was important for us to find a bilingual French-English school with an international community close to major airports. A friend recommended the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau. On our first visit, we realised Fontainebleau ticked all the boxes and on top of that was in a wonderful natural environment and had a wealth of sporting activites for the whole family."  – Nicolas GILLIER, General Manager Europe & CIS Surface Wellhead, FMC TECHNOLOGIES

It's been a blessing for all of us

As a pure Anglophone family living in France, our kids had difficulty integrating into the French system even though they were born here. We were delighted to discover the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau. The established international community and excellent teaching staff provide a social and academic context in which they thrive. It's a pleasure to see them blossoming into their true potential. It's been a blessing for all of us."  - Trent VANCE, "Buffalo Bill" in "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show", Disneyland Paris