Entrance testing

The main criterion for admission to the Anglophone Section is successfully passing the entrance test in English. The aim of the test is to assess the linguistic level of all new and returning students to the Section, which should be equivalent to that of an English native or near-native speaker of the same age. Testing applies to all prospective students, even native speakers from anglophone countries.

Students will be tested for admission to CP through to Première. No admission testing will be done for terminale entrance since the OIB programme spans across the last two years of secondary school.

The Anglophone Section programme is a demanding one and we regret that students experiencing serious learning difficulties in their current school system will not normally be admitted to the Section which is not equipped to meet such needs.

Please note that students cannot be admitted to the Anglophone Section in the Lycée unless their level of French language attainment and their general grade level is considered by the the Lycée François Premier to be adequate. However, a good level of French is not required to join the Anglophone Section up to troisième (Year 10, 9th Grade) as French immersion classes are available for students with limited knowledge of the language.

The assessment process will proceed on condition that the enrolment for testing form is completed, the latest school report has been supplied and the 150€ testing fee was paid for in full.

Local assessment

Assessment for prospective students in France/Fontainebleau

For local testing, assessment is normally done in March/April of the civil year during which enrolment is requested (i.e. March/April 2019 for admission in September 2019). The exact dates will be posted on the website calendar. Testing is usually done on two consecutive Wednesday afternoons for Primary and on a Wednesday afternoon for Secondary (collège and lycée). For admission at any other time during the year, assessment can be done by appointment on condition that there is place available in the requested year group in the French school.

Primary: Assessment consists of an online multiple-choice reading and comprehension test of about 20 minutes, an age-appropriate writing assessment and an oral test by a Section teacher. For CP entrance, only the oral test applies.

Secondary: Assessment consists of a written comprehension test and an essay as well as an interview with one of the Section teachers.

Remote assessment

Assessment for prospective students living abroad

Remote assessment takes place preferably between January and April. Testing can only be carried out with the help of the school the prospective student currently attends since the test needs to be done in normal testing conditions. The student’s teacher assisting us does not have to be the English language teacher of the student.

Primary: Assessment consists of an online multiple-choice reading and comprehension test, a writing assessment and an interview of 15 minutes via video conference (Skype). For CP entrance the oral test only applies. If a school is not equipped for videoconferencing, the interview may exceptionally be done at home.

Secondary: Up to quatrième (Year 9, 8th Grade), assessment consists of an online multiple-choice reading and comprehension test, a written comprehension test and an essay. Videoconference interviews will be done upon teacher request following the marking of the written test. For troisième, seconde and première entrance, assessment consists of a written comprehension test and an essay. For students applying for seconde and première, the Lycée may request a Maths and French assessment for those coming from a non-affiliated AEFE school.

Complete details regarding the test will be sent to the teacher whose details were communicated to the Anglophone Section in the Enrolment for Testing form.