Nov 18

My Dear Watson – the Lycée play of the year

Back to News At the end of a long and profitable career as the side-kick to, and chronicler of, the world’s greatest detective, Dr John Watson reveals that he wasn’t completely honest about all the details concerning his friend, Sherlock Holmes. In the only honest account of their adventures together, Detective Holmes and Dr Watson take on the world’s greatest villain, Dr Moriarty, in an effort to keep peace, restore order and save Christmas! Filled with daring escapes, punishing puns and wild goose chases, The Case of the Christmas Carbuncle takes you from 221b Baker Street, London all the way...
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Oct 18

A cross country race to remember

  Students from sixième to troisième participated in the annual cross country race in the Fontainebleau forest, just a stone’s throw from the campus. The Anglophone students did particularly well and Yanis F. won the cup for his age group. Congratulations Yanis!
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Oct 18

Buthiers Adventure Camp

The Buthiers camp was great! a sixième answered to a question about the camp. Seventy two collégiens spent a long weekend in glorious autumn weather at the outdoor leisure centre with their teachers in September. They participated in a host of activities and made memories to last a life.They did climbing, handisport, archery and a netted adventure course. They also had the time of their life on zipwires and the large, suspended adventure park, ’accro-branches’.
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