Our Alumni



The Anglophone Section within the French public schools of Fontainebleau provides a world-class educational experience that will deliver to your child the tools he or she needs to succeed in life. Many of our graduates attend top Universities in the United Kingdom and the United States – from the Ivy Leagues to Cambridge, Oxford, and the London School of Economics, our alumni infuse the world’s finest schools with their presence.

“I want to thank the Anglophone Section for the amazing experience I am having at the University of Sheffield following my BA degree in Journalism. I would like to thank you for the full support I had in my last year of college and for the amazing job the staff did for us as students. I’m grateful for the advice Mr. Corrigan and Mrs. Kendrick have given me to realize my biggest dream. Every single thing I did with the Anglophone Section was a treasure: The general classes, the trips, the books we read, the MUN, the plays… All of these are helping me out every day to integrate myself in my new city. It is surely the best experience of my life thanks to the teaching I had been given by the Anglophone Section.”

– Mariana R. (former student)

I was once like you. A student, concerned with enjoying life and dreading (some) studies. I studied Chemistry at university. I had no idea what I really wanted to do at the age of 17 but it was my best guess. I still was still discovering until very recently what it is I would love to do, age 28. I did not learn my job at school or university. But I learned the languages, social interaction skills and basics that made this possible. My advice to students? You have tons of time to discover yourselves, here and after school. Make sure to use the diverse cultures you meet in Fontainebleau to drive you to explore the wider world around you once you have the chance. And travel, you won’t regret it.

Eduardo Sajgalik

Community Consultant for game developers. Former Student.

What happens to our Alumni?

About 50% of students choose to study in UK universities. We are proud of all our students who make it into top UK universities but particularly of the three who were accepted this year into Cambridge.

About 10% of our students choose to study in US universities. Many students are accepted by both UK and US universities and their final choice varies. The remaining students either go to French Grande Ecoles, European universities, Australian universities or other chosen career paths across the world.

They then go on to corporate finance institutions, engineering companies, international law firms, world-wide business ventures, scientific research institutes etc. Just about anywhere in the world, you may come across dynamic, eloquent, multi-lingual, multi-cultural alumni of the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau!

Alumni can keep in touch with one another and the Section by joining the Section group via LinkedIn or Facebook. The annual Anglophone Section alumni cocktail is always a great evening as it brings together alumni students and teachers (both past and present) for a chance to reconnect and renew their friendships.

Where are our 2017 and 2018 alumni now?

Anglophone Section University Destinations
2017 2018
University of British Columbia (Computer Sciences) University of Bath (Economics)
University of Montpellier (Medicine) University of Bath (Biology)
Biology studies in the UK Kings’s College London (Mathematics and Philosophy)
Nice Sophia Antipolis University (Psychology) Maastricht University (European Law and Human Rights)
University of Amsterdam (Architecture) Strasburg (Prépa PCSI)
University of Warwick (History and Italian) University of Manchester (Social Anthropology)
University of Vancouver (Geography/Biology) University of Liège (Veterinary Medicine)
University of Birmingham (Foundation Year) University of Liège (Veterinary Medicine)
McGill University Imperial College London (Biological Sciences)
Deferred entry for Veterinary Science in the UK Institut Catholique de Paris (History and Political Sciences)
Prépa MPSI Paris University of Kent (Business and Music Production)
Business School Paris Churchill College Cambridge (Natural Sciences)
Prépa MPSI Paris FENELON King’s College Cambridge (Anthropology)
Prépa BPCST 1 Lycée Francois 1er for French Vet school. Girton College Cambridge (Engineeering)
University of Kent University of York (Biomedical Sciences)
University of Roehampton (Psychology) Northwestern Chicago (Liberal Arts)
Imperial College, London ISCOM Paris (Communication)
Prépa MPSI François 1e University of Bristol (Anthropology)
University of Bristol (Geography) University of Durham
University of Edinburgh (Medicine) Rene Descartes University Paris (Medicine)
University of Bath (Economics) EPSAA d’Ivry-sur-Seine (Prépa Arts Plastiques et Graphiques)
Paris Assas Panthéon (Double History) ESJ de Lille (Journalism, Management and Economics)
Prépa Hypocagne Lycée Henri IV ESSEC Cergy Pontoise (Global BBA)
University of Bath (International Management and Spanish) University of Exeter
Prépa BCPST Lycée François 1e University College London (Mechanical Engineering)
University of York (integrated Masters in Biology) University College London (Philosophy and History of Art)
Paris Assas Panthéon (Law) University College London (Economics and Psychology)
Syddansk University Denmark (Marketing and Management with Anthropology) Science Po Bordeaux
Nursing in the UK Singapore – Business school
University of Durham (History) University of Provence
University of Glasgow (Medicine) University of Exeter (PPE)
  University of Wales Trinity Saint David (Art)
  Imperial College London
  INSA Strasburg (Prépa intégrée)