The first step…

The first step in the admission process, is to enrol for testing.

Testing for the September 2021 intake is open! Please complete the following form and expect to be asked to upload your child’s latest school report upon receiving the confirmation email. CP candidates are not required to provide a school report. We will make contact with you afterwards regarding the testing fee which can be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

In the light of the pandemic, the testing calendar has been reviewed. The only testing taking place in situ will be local CP and CE1 tests. All the other tests will be done via internet. Detailed instructions will be sent to families once their child is signed up and the testing fee paid.

At this early stage (the re-enrolment process has not started for our current students) there are potentially 14 places available in 6e, 1 place in 5e and 1 place in 4e. Please note that no applications for 3e will be accepted as we are exceeding our quota of students for this year group.

In Primary the number of places are conditioned by the number of catchment area students, but we expect to recruit 24 students in CP and at least one in each of the other year groups.

In Lycée, we will be able to recruit around 5 to 7 students in Seconde, depending on the Germanophone Section intake. Première intake will be reserved for highly motivated students who have the potential to perform well in the OIB.

GDRP Statement

The General Data Regulation Protection came into force on May 25th 2018. This EU wide regulation was implemented to enhance the protection of personal data.
The Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau collects data on you and your children upon enrollment in order to:

  • Fufill its statutory requirements within the French Education Authority (Académie de Créteil),
  • Manage your child’s schooling within the Section and
  • Monitor specific information (such as medical requirements) which are necessary to the wellbeing of your child whilst he/she is in school or on school trips.

This data is obtained, stored and updated in line with information provided solely by parents / legal guardians. In addition, autorisation forms are signed regarding the use of images of students. Where appropriate, this data is shared with stakeholders, including but not limited to, the French schools within the International campus, the parents’ associations, the Education Authority.
The Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau has always handled personal data with the utmost care and confidentiality and will continue to do so, well within the bounds of the new GDRP provisions.
If you have any specific enquiries regarding how data is handled with the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau, please contact the Data Protection Officer: admin at