The International Campus


One campus

All three schools that host the Anglophone Section are situated on the same leafy green campus right next to the majestic Fontainebleau forest. It is not rare to see students complete all twelve years of their schooling, first in the Léonard de Vinci Primary school, then the Collège International and finally in the Lycée François 1er without completely leaving their familiar school environment. In addition, siblings of different ages get to meet furtively between classes or at the canteen and parents appreciate the “single-point drop-off” in the morning rush-hour.

There is another important advantage to the geographical setting of the schools in the sense that the same Anglophone Section teachers who teach in the Collège, also teach in the Lycée. One of the the Collège teachers also teaches in Primary which facilitates and demystifies the transition from one school to the next. Students and teachers get to know one another closely and progress can be tracked seamlessly over many years.

It’s important to point out that the Anglophone Section is part of the more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries worldwide. Our bilingual and multicultural teaching programme offers students the possibility to move seamlessly within other Anglophone systems, and also gives the opportunity to join a world-wide network of French international schools should family commitments necessitate the move.