The Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau is not a school but operates as a fee-paying International Section within the three French state schools on the international campus: the Léonard de Vinci International Primary school, the Collège International and the Lycée International François 1er.

The Anglophone Section is run as an “Association 1901”, a non-profit making organization administered by a Board comprised of elected member parents. Even though we use the infrastructure of the state school, our teachers and staff are not employees of the French Education Nationale.

Anglophone Section lessons comprise six to nine hours of students’ timetables per week but given the number of enrichment activities and multi-cultural opportunities, these hours represent a small fraction of the total time spent with anglophone peers and teachers.

The annual tuition fees are set in accordance with the overall costs of running the Section and are reviewed each year by the Board of the Anglophone Section Parents’ Association. An contract, the Enrolment Agreement, pertaining to the payment of fees, is signed between the family and the Section. Families can choose to pay the fees monthly, termly or yearly.

Three months’ notice needs to be given before a student will be removed from the books. In case of a shorter notice, three months’ tuition fees will be due.

Schedule of fees

Academic Year 2024/2025

Individual Rate Primary 3 180€
  Collège 3 280€
  Lycée 3 500€
Corporate Rate
(applies when 50% or more of school fees are paid for by an employer)
Primary 6 360€
  Collège 6 560€
  Lycée 7 000€
One-year rate
(when enrolling a child for 1 year or less)
  3 348€


Other Fees:

Initial Application and Entrance Test: 150 € (non-refundable)
Initial Enrolment Fee for New Students: 250 € (non-refundable)
Annual Re-Enrolment Deposit for Existing Students: 150 €
Association Fee (per family): 150 €

IGCSE Language Exam in Seconde: 89€
IGCSE English Literature exam in Seconde: 110 €
FIMUN Conference in Seconde and Première: 10 €
BFI Exam in Terminale: 75 €

The fees cover tuition services and materials provided by the Section, but not school trips, outings and optional extracurricular activities. These will be invoiced separately and families will be informed beforehand.