Fontainebleau’s natural beauty, proximity to Paris and thriving, multicultural multilingual environment make the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau an unparalleled choice for families seeking that perfect quality of life. The town is home to INSEAD, the top international business school, CEDEP, which attracts a huge number of executives to Fontainebleau from around the world and MINES Paristech, drawing a vibrant, dynamic international student body with renown researchers in their respective fields. The region of south Seine-et-Marne is home to a number of international industry and business leaders like SAFRAN, Corning…

The town and its environs are also home to an established, supportive international community. Families who understand what it means to live and work in a foreign country will appreciate the welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere they will find here.

Nestled against the domanial forests of this historic town, the international campus of Fontainebleau offers future “citizens of the world” a world-class education without breaking the bank. Because we operate as a private section within the public framework of the French Ministry of Education, tuition is just a fraction of what you might expect from a private school. The state provides the infrastructure, the majority of the administration and all teachers but ours.

Fontainebleau is located within commuting distance of Paris: with one 40-minute train ride, you will find yourself in the heart of the capital. And yet, the cost of living is more than reasonable, with housing options in the neighbouring villages to fit nearly every family budget. Whether by train or by car, you’ll find that many parents commute, daily or weekly to Paris or beyond.