Sep 23

Coffee, tea and conversation

A good number of parents joined us this morning for the traditional Coffee Morning at the end of the rentrée week. It was the opportunity for parents to get to know others in their child's year, to ask practical questions and to integrate into the community. A big thank you to Rayanne and Gitte (contact parents) who organised this event and to Antoine from the Board of Parents who attended.
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Sep 23

Welcome back to school

After a long summer break, students and their parents were happy to return to a familiar pace this morning. More than anything, it was the opportunity to see friends and to meet (new) teachers. The moment was especially important for the group of CPs who started school for the first time. Sixièmes and Secondes also started class this morning. The other groups will follow suit. We wish each and every one a happy school year.
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Aug 23

Preparing for La Rentrée

Preparations for the new school year have been under way all week but yesterday a few (alumni) mums of the Anglophone Section got together to scrub and power wash the grimy Primary chairs. They are now as good as new! A big thank you to Andrea and Leigh for your hard work!  
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Jun 23

Jack and the Giant

The giant is making life very difficult for Jack, his family and the entire kingdom! Jack is even forced to sell his beloved cow for five magic beans. And where does Jack then go? Up the beanstalk of course, to fight Gogmagog the “terrible” giant! A lively musical and a star-studded cast of CM2s wowed a big audience of parents and friends on 6th June at the Theatre Municipal de Fontainebleau. The rousing Good Things Are Bound To Happen and Possibility revealed the singing talents of a number of students. Many hours after the performance everyone was still humming to...
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May 23

8th May Celebrations

Sienna Jouan (2e) had the honour of being ambassador for the Anglophone Section at the 8th May Ceremony held at Fontainebleau war memorial. One of only four student ambassadors at the event, she participated in the ceremony reading the poem Our Heroes by Pam Williams followed by a translation of the poem in French. The poem evokes the diversity of those who went to war to fight for the freedoms we now enjoy, holding them all in the highest regard as we remember the end of the Second World War in France and Europe. Sienna’s reading was particularly moving, executed with...
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