Mar 23

FIMUN 2023

We are proud to announce that the FIMUN conference, Fontainebleau's very own MUN conference, will be taking place on Saturday, March 18 after a 3-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic. Almost 300 students in Première and Seconde from four schools (Lycée François 1er Anglophone section, François 1er European section and Lycée François Couperin in Fontainebleau, Lycée International de l'Est Parisien in Noisy le Grand and Lycée Jean Zay in Orleans) will be participating in the event on the INSEAD campus. They will represent more than 60 countries as varied as Albania, Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, the Netherlands and Yemen in...
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Feb 23

Bilbao MUN

With topics ranging from preventing illicit cross-border trafficking to reviewing the ongoing crisis in Kashmir, the MUN Bilbao trip was a perfect opportunity for our Première student delegates, representing diverse countries, to take part in passionate discussions within their committees, to write resolutions and to debate tirelessly.  An experience to remember! More photos here:  
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Nov 22

Milan MUN