Dear Families,

As we come to the end of this term, I wanted to connect with our students and families.

For us all, this has been like no other in living memory, where students and teachers find themselves confined and on every level, normal life is severely interrupted and for some completely turned upside-down.

Technology and new tools have come to the fore in our lives as we seek to adapt to a different way of living and learning, Our relationships now suddenly depend on an ethernet cable or a wifi signal.

On the eve of the Spring break, I would like to pay hommage to our students and their teachers who have quickly adapted to a new way of teaching and learning. Having to adapt from classroom interaction to one in front of a screen is hard work for both. I have been taken aback by the intensity of working from home, experienced by adult and young person alike.

For our older students, they have been pursuing their studies with very real anxiety caused by uncertainties surrounding their exams and university applications. As of today, this is becoming clearer and I have written to them separately outlining the developments and the work which is being done to ensure that they are not penalised because of major disruptions outside of their control. Congratulations to them for their self-discipline, determination and ingenuity.

On behalf of the Section, I would like to extend a huge thank you to you, the parents. You have suddenly found yourselves being the classroom practitioner and the computer technician, ensuring your son or daughter has access to the learning resources and are ‘on task’. All this at the same time as meeting other family and professional commitments. Please know, we recognize how difficult life is presently for many of you, juggling life at home with uncertainties, worries and pressures on many fronts. The Section appreciates all you are doing, in the midst of this, to support your son or daughter’s learning.

Well, we have learned some new skills and some of us lost more hair but one thing we know is that we will come through this, together. The Easter break is upon us. More time at home is perhaps not as attractive as it usually is!

Nonetheless, all of us at the Anglophone section wish you a healthy and restful fortnight.

Shaun Corrigan