“I had the chance to participate in the French cross country championship with 11 other qualified athletes from our collège (including 6 Anglophone Section students): we were 6 benjamins (Elias D; Lenny L ; Louis D ; Loise K ; Anais C and Lise I) and 6 minimes (Oskar H ; Tom H; Marin R; Juliette R ; Manon M and Blanca R) from the international college. This competition took place in Brittany in a huge area. We slept in small huts and in the evening we had a parade to represent our collège. The race took place the next morning and we finished on the podium! Indeed, we, benjamins and minimes, ended up as vice champions of France with a beautiful silver medal. For one last memory, on our way back, we even saw the Mont St-Michel. This short stay was an incredible experience that I will not forget, the atmosphere was great and the team spirit too, so thank you to the international collège and the sports teachers!” – Manon M.