Supporting Room to Read

The Anglophone Section supports Room to Read because we believe that learning to read provides a gateway to creativity and curiosity; opening up the world to young minds. We aim to share this gift with children around the world.

We have a challenge that we bet you will lose.





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  • 750 million people in the world lack basic reading and writing skills

  • 1 in 4 children in low-income countries can’t read a single sentence

By supporting Room to Read, we believe that we can help change that.

Room to Read focuses on two core issues within the education field: literacy for primary school children and gender equality in education for secondary school girls. Their aim is to provide vibrant libraries, trained teachers and books in local languages to bring joy and spark curiosity.

Books in Local Languages

In the ten countries Room to Read has ongoing projects in, books are printed locally to promote the economy and to create jobs.
Books are created in partnership with local illustrators and authors on familiar topics that children can easily relate to. This encourages the development of early reading habits. It is also a great way to pass along folklore and tradition to the next generation whilst teaching to love reading.

Are you ready for another challenge?

One that has a win-win outcome?

Support and sponsor your child’s Room to Read readathon!

We have raised over 6 600€ in two years for Room to Read. And we are not going to stop!