Parent Vounteers


As everyone knows, it takes a village…

Parent (and grandparent!) volunteers are an integral and indispensable part of every project that the Anglophone Section undertake. The Section would simply not be the same without the time and talent that these unsung heroes invest in curricular and co-curricular activities. Their reward? The happy smiles of students and the thankful recognition of fellow parents.

Whether it is helping to organize a sporting event, barbeque, coffee morning; helping out in the library; assisting with school plays, the Christmas party or outings, pooling their talents and resources allows us to put on enjoyable fun-time events and raise funds for the Anglophone Section for the benefit of all our children.

There are numerous occasions for parents to help out and any of these skills may come in handy: photography, writing, sewing/costume making, props making, lighting/music coordination, organisational skills, graphic/web design, management skills, fundraising, baking/cooking… Parents are also invited to share their expertise by helping with special projects and by serving on various committees or the Board.

We currently have a network of contact parents which ensures that new students and parents are warmly welcomed into our community. In each year group there are one or two contact parents who social or sporting events for parents and children. These include: coffee mornings, picnics in the park, ice-skating parties, Mums’ nights-out and bowling events amongst others.

We would like to encourage every parent who joins the Section to reflect on how they may be of help; to share their ideas and to grab the opportunity to make a difference.