Parents' hub


Contact Parents and Volunteers

A dedicated network of contact parents ensures that new students and parents are warmly welcomed into our community. For primary and collège, each year group has one or two contact parents who organise events for parents to meet other parents with children in the same year groups and for the children to make friends outside of the school environment. For lycée there is usually one contact parent. Events organised by contact parents include: coffee mornings, picnics in the park, ice-skating parties, Mums’ nights-out and bowling events amongst others.

Should you have any questions about life on the international campus or any non-academic issues, your contact parent will be happy to help you. Contact parents meet with the Head of the Anglophone Section to discuss various subjects that families have raised with them and to share ideas and projects.

To ensure the continuation of successful social activities in the Anglophone Section, we invite you to get involved with the organisation of our various events. Volunteers are the people who give life to the Section and make the impossible possible. It is also a wonderful way to meet other parents, share ideas and get to know the school and its community. And it shows your child that you value their interests.

Whether it is helping to organise a sporting event, barbeque or coffee mornings, or assisting with school plays or outings, by pooling our talents and resources we can put on enjoyable fun-time events and raise funds for the Anglophone Section for the benefit of all our children.