Lycée High School


The Lycée is the second and last stage of secondary education in the French school system for students aged 15 to 18 years.

The Anglophone Section is hosted by the Lycée International François Premier, a French public school with Anglophone and Germanophone sections. The school is on the same campus as the Ecole Léonard de Vinci and the Collège International but has its own entrance on the corner of rue Victor Hugo and rue Guérin.

Mr Christophe Carton is the Proviseur of the Lycée and his deputy is Mrs Celine Bouissou.

The Lycée has approximately 1500 students including three post-bac preparatory classes for French Grandes Ecoles.

In Lycée the number of lesson hours in the Anglophone Section progresses from six hours in Seconde to nine hours in Terminale.

By the end of Seconde, Section students prepare for the English Language and Literature iGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

In Terminale our students pass the BFI (Baccalauréat Français International), the international form of the French Baccalauréat.

Our students fare particularly well in this demanding exam. In 2020 77% of students achieved a Mention Très Bien (16/20 or more) in OIB Subjects. See graphs here of the percentage of students achieving Mention Bien et Mention Très Bien.

Class / Grade Equivalents

The school year in France begins in September and ends early July. Students are admitted according to their date of birth and/or the class they have completed. The Anglophone Section teaches children from CP to Terminale. There is no Ecole Maternelle (Kindergarten).

The classes/grades corresponding to French classes are as follows: