Lycée High School


School Times

The first class of the day in lycée starts at 8.20 am but individual timetables vary. Students will finish the day no later than 5.25 pm. There’s a lunch break between 12.25 and 1.20 pm. On Saturdays students may have class during the morning. School is closed on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Anglophone Section students in lycée have 6 to 9 hours of Section lessons divided between English Language and Literature and History-Geography.

Term Dates 2023 – 2024

Autumn break: 21st October – 6th November
Christmas break: 23rd December – 8th January
Winter break: 10th February – 26th February
Spring break: 6th April – 22nd April
End of school year: 6th July

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Note: Holidays start at the end of the school day. Classes resume on the morning of the day indicated.

In addition, there will be no school on the following days:

  • Saturday 11th November
  • Monday 1st April
  • Wednesday 1st May
  • Wednesday 8th May
  • Thursday 9th May
  • Friday 10th May
  • Saturday 11th May
  • Monday 20th May


Students eat at the school canteen between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm. Students have to sign up for this service and pay the associated fees.

Conseil de Classe

The ‘conseil de classe’ is a termly meeting for each class, during which the following people are present: all the teachers of the class, the head of school (or a representative), the CPE (conseiller principal d’éducation), the class student representatives, and the class parent representatives. These meetings take place in the evening, outside of school holidays.

The form teacher or a representative of the teaching team presents the class grades and his or her observations and comments on the class, based on input, gathered upstream, from the teaching and educational team.

On this basis, and taking into account any other relevant factors, the conseil de classe looks at each pupil’s behaviour and progress in order to provide the correct guidance in his or her work and, eventually, choice of further study.

School Reports / Report Cards

In the Anglophone Section, lycée school reports are prepared once a year, in January, but the marks for Section subjects are indicated on the lycée’s trimestrial reports. Following the reports, parents will be invited to meet their child’s teacher during a parent-teacher evening.

Parent-teacher meetings

In September, there is a Secondary information meeting for parents with children in Collège and Lycée to present the programme in English and History-Geography for the year. A question-answer session follows the presentation.

Parents will be given individual meeting slots to meet their child’s Anglophone teachers in November during the Parent-Teacher evenings. Families can request an individual meeting with the Anglophone teachers at any time by calling the Section office. Parents may also be called to a meeting by a teacher.

Student Well-being

While safeguarding student well-being falls under the responsibility of the French school, the Anglophone Section provides complementary pastoral care in English. Ms Rios, Student Well-being Coordinator, oversees the well-being of Anglophone students from our own cultural perspective. She may be contacted at any time through the Section office or by writing to her at j.rios[at]

There is also a bilingual Point Ecoute (Listening Point) in the Lycée on Thursdays. Ms Moser is a professional psychologist who listens to students who wish to talk to her about any concerns they may have. Students can make an appointment with her through the lycée secretaries, by writing to her on Pronote, by contacting Ms Rios (see above contact details).

Workshops are regularly held to make students aware of a variety of issues ranging from mindfulness to healthy personal boundaries.


Once a year, normally in May, students are encouraged to come to school in fancy dress in order to raise money for AIDS research. The best dressed student of the school will be elected from the represented classes.