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The International Campus is accessible by bike, car and bus. There are bike racks available in front of the Primary school and on the premises of the Collège and the Lycée. The school borders the forest and the Primary school has dedicated five-minute parking spots to ease traffic flow during drop-off and pick-up. The Collège also has a drop-off zone behind the bus stops. There is free parking on the forest road opposite the school and the campus is within easy walking distance of the town centre.

Several bus routes lead from the nearby villages to either the François 1er Gare Routière or the François 1er bus stop. Please check bus times beforehand.

Line 7A from La Genevraye/Grez sur Loing/Moncourt Fromonville/St. Pierre Lès Nemours

Line 45 from Chartrettes/Bois le Roi

Line 43 from Châtelet en Brie/Fontaine le Port

Line 112 from Vulaines/Samoreau/Samois

Line 202 from Moret/Villemer/Ecuelles

Line 208 from Montereau/Veneux les Sablons

Line 210 from Champagne/Thomery

Several bus lines link Fontainebleau to the train station in Avon.
Line 1 passes through the town centre, 10 minutes walking distance from the school
Line 3 passes in front of the Primary school Collège Inter Foret stop.
Line 4 passes near the collège at the Collège Inter stop.

Carpooling is a good solution to ease the school-run fatigue. The Family Directory, that will be printed soon after the rentrée, contains the contact details of all the Section families. Upon admission, parents are also encouraged to join the Closed Group on Facebook, “ASF Parents’ Information page” (in requesting access, please be sure to state your child’s name and year) in order to ask for help from fellow parents.