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The following stationery lists set forth the stationery required by the French Primary school by year group. Stationery lists for 2020 are the same as in 2019.

In Primary Section classes only a complete pencil-case, colouring pencils, two 24×32 cm copy books and an A to Z notebook are required. Parents are requested to regularly check the pencil cases and to top them up if necessary.

In the Collège the stationery list is as follows:

All manuals, readers and books are provided by the Section in Collège. Access to the library is free.

Hereafter a glossary of common stationery items and their English equivalent:

Gros feutre à ardoise = a thick whiteboard marker
Ardoise = a child’s whiteboard
Chiffon = a rag or cloth to clean the whiteboard
Crayons à papier = pencils
Taille crayon = pencil sharpener
Gomme = eraser
Gros baton de colle = a large stick of glue
Paire de ciseaux = a pair of scissors
Règle plate de 20cm = 20cm ruler
Grande trousse = large pencil case
12 crayons de couleur = 12 coloured crayons
Feutres double pointe = a marker with one thin tip and one thick tip
Pochette avec élastiques = a plastic folder with elastic fasteners
Rouleau d’essuie tout = a roll of kitchen paper
Boîte de mouchoirs = a box of tissues
Photo d’identité = identity photo
Cahier Seyes ou cahier grand carreaux = graph paper notebook
Cahier 24 x 32 = 24cm x 32cm notebook
Cahier petits carreaux = small grid notebook
Nombre de pages = number of pages
Protège cahier = protective plastic envelope for notebook
Porte vues = book or folder made of plastic display sleeves (usually A4 size)
Feuilles : loose leaf paper
Cahier de brouillon = rough notebook
Classeur = binder
Blouse = art shirt