Collège Middle School



A few times during the year, usually during the Autumn and Spring breaks, we organise STEM workshops for students in Collège and Lycée. Thanks to INSEAD’s well-equipped facilities, these workshops are presented in ideal conditions. A highly experienced UK company, Fire Tech Camps, lead the STEM workshops. Students are given the option to learn programming (Python) or to build and program robots.

The Teen Coding with Python 1 Course is a deep dive into Programming in Python. This popular coding language is used thanks to the simplicity of the syntax, and the wide range of applications – from building games, to data science. Students lean the fundamentals, covering a variety of constructs, algorithms and data structures, up to the standard expected at 16 in the UK Education system.

In Senior Robotics with VEX IQ students work together in small teams to master VEX IQ robotics challenges while learning to code in the C-based programming language ROBOTC. They learn how to use a range of sensors and switches to build, program and test their competition-ready robots. They explore mechanical and engineering concepts, working with design constraints and parameters to program their robots. They take away important teamwork and collaboration skills!

Five experienced VEX IQ teams competed in the “Next Level Robotic Challenge Championships” in Fontainebleau and the winning team managed to pile the biggest number of hubs into the storage range with their robot beating the runner-up by a single hub. Congratulations boys!



Spring 2019 winners

“I learned to build and code my robot. It’s cool!” 

“Daddy, daddy, did you see that?!”