There is a lot to say about this confinement! We have experienced so many feelings… from desperation, to doubt, anger, pure happiness and also hope. We were never scared. Never.
As expats, we have often been just the six of us in a foreign country. During the confinement we have experienced this again, being united as a close family. This is what we liked most. We really enjoyed having everyone under the same roof at the same time. But we discovered what we could never be: teachers. We are not patient enough!
The children were happy to have lunch and diner with Dad every day since we don’t see a lot of him during the school year. They felt very efficient in their school work, everything was done quicker and they loved being in control of their own agenda. Of course they missed their friends and teachers.

Valery (Seconde), Charles (5e), Mathilde (CM1) and family

The children participated in the #GettyMuseumChallenge by recreating a work of art with objects or people at their disposal.
We had a great time participating!