What did you learn? I learnt new songs on the guitar, my family and I learnt about “French New Wave” cinema and made a short film. We also virtually visited the museum of art in Amsterdam, and looked at some of Van Gogh’s works. We then watched a film based on his life called “At Eternity’s Gate”. We also visited lots of other places virtually, such as New York, and Hawaii! We tried out new indoor activities and we learnt that having fun under quarantine is still possible.

What do you miss? I miss the freedom, and the ability to go outside more. I also miss some people who I can’t hang out with irl.

How do you stay motivated? I try not to to do the exact same things every day. For example, I try not to spend all day doing homework, or being lazy. I’ve been focusing more on my hobbies, and I think I’ve improved in many things. I’ve also been staying in contact with friends.

What did you appreciate? I think this period is a rare opportunity we can all use to try new things, and work on our hobbies. For example, I’ve been playing more guitar, and learning new songs. It’s also a time when we can spend more time with our families, and work together.

When this is over, I’m hoping people will understand that we CAN make things better by changing our ways all together. I’m also hoping that people will be more careful. Not just in terms of the virus, but also when it comes to the environment. Despite the horrifying spread of this virus, lockdown has had many positive impacts on the environment. I’m hoping that after quarantine, our planet will only get better, that we will think more before acting and realise it isn’t too late to reverse the damages caused.

Audrey (4e)