Lycée High School

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES - Nepal Humanitarian Trip

In 2018, for the first time, three groups of Anglophone Section students have spent some of their summer working in a community service project in Nepal under the auspices of Projects Abroad, a seasoned overseas volunteering projects leader. Convinced by the benefits of volunteering, especially starting at an early age, we believe that volunteer work expands one’s understanding of other people’s lives and often leads to a new perspective of the world. Depending on their choice, the Anglophone Section volunteers did construction work or teaching at a Katmandu school or worked at a teacher’s hospital at Chitwan. Two weeks on the ‘roof of the word’ has been life-changing for our students and teachers.

The 2018 Nepal humanitarian trip was an exceptional experience that everyone should try out. On top of helping out a Nepali school by building new classrooms and giving lessons to the kids, you get to meet and work with other people your age from all around the world. This trip is a great opportunity to improve your social skills and discover what it’s like to work with people you have never met before. What is great about this trip is that you are always discovering new things about the country’s culture as you regularly visit local temples and monuments and get to taste the Nepali cuisine. All in all it is a great experience that is definitely worth the two weeks of your time and that you should not miss out on.

Antoine G.


“At first we pitied the people. But we left admiring their warmth, strength and positivity.”