Sienna Jouan (2e) had the honour of being ambassador for the Anglophone Section at the 8th May Ceremony held at Fontainebleau war memorial. One of only four student ambassadors at the event, she participated in the ceremony reading the poem Our Heroes by Pam Williams followed by a translation of the poem in French. The poem evokes the diversity of those who went to war to fight for the freedoms we now enjoy, holding them all in the highest regard as we remember the end of the Second World War in France and Europe. Sienna’s reading was particularly moving, executed with solemnity and feeling.

In the latter half of the ceremony, she presented wreaths to be placed on the memorial by the dignitaries present, including high ranking military officers and civil servants, the Sous-Préfét, our député and the Mayor of Fontainebleau.

Our congratulations and gratitude go to Sienna who was a wonderful representative of our community.