More than 300 students from five different schools and students from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Fontainebleau congregated on Saturday 2nd March for the Fontainebleau Model United Nations conference. It was a useful introduction to the work of the Model United Nations for many and it was a chance to debate contemporary global issues, as well as meet with other students and work collaboratively to formulate resolutions that seek to address some of the challenges facing us all today. The six committees dealt with issues such as the global threat of cyberterrorism, the Mexican drug wars, the South China Sea, the conflict in Ukraine, debt relief for developing countries, global gender inequality, global LGBTQR+ rights, the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar and education for children in conflict zones. The keynote speaker at the opening ceremony was Mr Mark Stabile, Professor of Wealth Inequality and Professor of Economics at INSEAD. A big thank you to Mr Rennie who organised this annual conference with the help of students, parents and INSEAD staff.