The giant is making life very difficult for Jack, his family and the entire kingdom! Jack is even forced to sell his beloved cow for five magic beans. And where does Jack then go? Up the beanstalk of course, to fight Gogmagog the “terrible” giant!

A lively musical and a star-studded cast of CM2s wowed a big audience of parents and friends on 6th June at the Theatre Municipal de Fontainebleau. The rousing Good Things Are Bound To Happen and Possibility revealed the singing talents of a number of students. Many hours after the performance everyone was still humming to Wiggle Wggle Yum Yum Yum! Congratulations to Mrs Waddington and to Mrs Vercoutre who was musical director in her last play before her retirement at the end of the year. She will be sorely missed.

Link to the photos kindly taken by Cécile F. Thank you Cécile!