Our 30 delegates enjoyed the MUN conference in Utrecht despite very difficult travel conditions.  Two students, Marco and Annabelle, won awards as best delegates! Congratulations!

An insiders’ view by Ceres:

The première MUNers left for Utrecht, in the Netherlands, on the 19th of January for a weekend of much anticipated debating. They left early on Friday morning, however, what they thought would be a tranquil trip quickly turned to chaos … The train from Gare du Nord to Rotterdam was canceled! After a long wait and a couple of Irish dances to stay warm, the students ended up seated on the floor of a train carriage on their way to Utrecht. Finally, they arrived in Utrecht. After a long day of traveling the students enjoyed seeing the local architecture, the canals, eating pizza and finally getting some sleep. On Saturday the 20th, the students were greeted by a very memorable (and athletic!) introduction ceremony to the MUN conference. The students then participated in active debates with other students from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Denmark. In the evening the students attended a dance which was organised by the school. On Sunday the 21st, the students continued the debates. At the closing ceremony Annabelle L and Marco L were each awarded “Best Delegate” for their amazing debate skills. Monday, the students were treated to a tour of the city and a visit to the Utrecht University. Their return trip was as chaotic as their departure! After a lost backpack, a delayed train, and a complicated border crossing, the students made it back to Gare du Nord at midnight.

“A special thank you to the parents who came and picked us up from Gare du Nord and ensured that we all got home safely. A special thank you to the Anglophone Section for organizing the trip. And finally, a special thank you to Andrea and Mr. Rennie for accompanying us on this memorable trip.” – The première MUN students