A total of 66 Collégiens turned up for the Buthiers adventure camp, 20 minutes from Fontainebleau. The packed coach spilled out its excited load of children near the dorms and soon the screeching of zip wires, whooshing of fun bikes and happy cheers split the foggy morning. By lunchtime students satisfied their ravenous appetites by wolfing down delicious chicken and an endless supply of spaghetti. The day merged into a glorious, sunny one, just in time for more action! Groups swapped and everyone got a chance to slide, drift, climb, aim, race and play to heart’s delight. Teachers participated and even Mr Moreau, the principal, could be seen dangling from a zip wire. Needless to say that after the evening meal and the movie, everyone was dead tired and soon gentle snores were the only sounds to be heard. After breakfast, when the parents came to collect their children, many had only one request: ‘Can I come back next year?’.