Our thirty-six delegates were part of the more than six hundred students from all over the word who assemled in Dublin for the annual SAIMUN conference.


The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) 
1.         The question of the balance between protecting human rights and combatting terrorism.
2.         The question of the prevention of an arms race in the Arctic.
3.         The question of role of Artificial Intelligence in the context of international security and disarmament.
4.         The question of the rise of identity geopolitics in Eastern Europe.
The Economic and Finance Committee (ECOFIN) 
1.         The question of provision of resources for an ageing population.
2.         The question of the decline in long term investment in infrastructure.
3.         The question of global trade negotiations and global governance.
4.         The question of the effect of low inflation and a low level of wage growth.
The Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)
1.         The question of antimicrobial resistance.
2.         The question of virginity testing.
3.         The question of conscientious objection to military service.
4.         The question of ending malnutrition and achieving zero hunger in Asia and the Pacific regions by 2030.
The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) 
1.         The question of extrajudicial and arbitrary killings.
2.         The question of the role of social media in elections.
3.         The question of Ukraine.
4.         The question of the rise of populism in Europe.
The Special Conference on Science and Technology.  
1.         The question of maintaining a ready supply of the medicines on the WHO list of necessary medicines.
2.         The question of the effect of the proliferation of technological devices on the mental health of young people.
3.         The question of the rise in cybercrime.
4.         The question of a preventative prohibition on lethal autonomous weapon systems.
The Environment Committee 
1.         The question of the effects of palm oil plantations in the South East Asian rainforests.
2.         The question of ‘greening the world of sport’.
3.         The question of transferring environmentally sound technologies to developing countries and economies on transition.
4.         The question of protecting peatlands for people and the planet.
The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 
1.         The role of machine learning in helping UN monitor world events.
2.         The question of scepticism toward the administration of vaccinations.
3.         The question of measures to ensure sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism (SDG12).
4.         The question of protection of journalists and whistleblowers.
The Security Council 
1.         The question of Eastern Congo.
2.         The question of Yemen.
3.         The question of the rise of cyberwarfare – ‘the war with no rules’.