Our Troisièmes are back from their busy three-day visit to Berlin. This educational visit support students’ understanding and appreciation of the 3e IGCSE History topic, Germany 1917-1945, as well as the modern history of Berlin being a part of the Cold War course at OIB level.

The students started their visit with an excellent guided tour, the ‘Insider Tour of Berlin’ and visited the very impressive dome of the Reichstag in the late evening. On the program: the Berlin Wall memorial park and a guided tour from recently arrived Syrian refugees to Berlin, showing their district of Berlin and telling about their experiences of the refugee crisis. They also visited the ‘Topography of Terror’ exhibition, located on the site of the headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS and traveled by train to Sachsenhausen Concentration camp outside Berlin. Students also had the chance to enjoy some cultural aspects of Berlin, such as having time for shopping, and an evening out at a restaurant and fun at a bowling alley.