Please note that students cannot be admitted to the Anglophone Section in the Lycée unless their level of French language attainment and their general grade level is considered by the the Lycée François Premier to be adequate. However, a good level of French is not required to join the Anglophone Section up to troisième (Year 10, 9th Grade) as French immersion classes are available for students with limited knowledge of the language.

The assessment process will proceed on condition that the enrolment for testing form is completed, the latest school report has been supplied and the 150€ testing fee was paid for in full.

Entrance testing

The main criterion for admission to the Anglophone Section is successfully passing the entrance test in English. The aim of the test is to assess the linguistic level of all new and returning students to the Section, which should be equivalent to that of an English native or near-native speaker of the same age. Testing applies to all prospective students, even native speakers from anglophone countries.

Our tests reflect the SAT type tests for English used in the English curriculum. We also use externally examined tests (GL assessments). For Primary, successful students will have at least an A2 level in English; from 6e upwards, students should be performing at around level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). For sixième entrance, our students achieve around level 4 on the UK National Curriculum.

Students will be tested for admission to CP through to Première. No admission testing will be done for Terminale entrance since the BFI programme spans across the last two years of secondary school.

The Anglophone Section programme is a demanding one and we regret that students experiencing serious learning difficulties in their current school system will not normally be admitted to the Section which is not equipped to meet such needs.

Local assessment

Assessment for prospective CP and CE1 students in France/Fontainebleau

CP and CE1 admission testing is normally done in March of the civil year during which enrolment is requested (i.e. March 2024 for admission in September 2024). The admission test is done in a single round consisting of a comprehension test and an interview with a teacher, either in person or remotely. The in situ testing normally takes place on the Wednesday afternoon before the Winter school break. We aim to test remote candidates before or just after this date.

For the coming year in situ testing will take place on Wednesday 6th March 2024 during the early afternoon.

For admission at any other time during the year, assessment can be done by appointment on condition that there is place available in the requested year group in the French school.

Remote assessment

Assessment for all prospective students in upper primary and Secondary (Collège/Lycée) and CP-CE1 students living abroad

For all levels except CP and CE1, testing consists of two rounds. The first round comprises an online multiple-choice reading and comprehension test of around 40 minutes, administered via remote video supervision. This round will normally take place during the Zone C Winter school break. Potential candidates will have one of several slots to choose from.

Only successful first round candidates will be admitted to the next round of testing. The second round consists of a Writing test and an Interview with a teacher. It normally takes place in March. All Secondary (6e – 1e) and upper Primary (CE2 – CM2) testing  will be done remotely. Strict testing conditions will apply.

Upper Primary testing will take place on 13th February 2024.

Secondary testing will take place on 16th March (writing) 20th March (oral) 2024.

Students applying for Seconde and Première admission and currently attending a non-affiliated AEFE school, please make contact with the Centre d’Information et d’Orientation (CIO) in Melun (+33 1 64 10 27 10 or cio.melun[at] in order to determine which additional tests (normally in French and Maths) need to be taken in order to be admitted to Lycée François 1er.

Additionally, make contact with the Direction des Services Départementaux de l’Education National de Seine et Marne to ensure the affectation to the Lycée François 1er. Contact ce.77divel[at] or It is important to prepare language and subject choices.

What level is required?

Hereafter example texts/test papers to guide you.


Informal chat
Phonic knowledge (letter names and sounds, related to a particular word)
Retell a story from a picture book
Describe a picture in complete sentences
Listen to a story and answer five comprehension questions in complete sentences – not ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers
Informal chat
Independent Reading comprehension with questions
Spell common sight words and cvc words
Writing a few simple sentences about a picture

Sample text:

Informal chat
Independent reading comprehension with questions
Write a paragraph on a given story
Online reading test (adapts to each child’s individual level according to their answers)

Sample text:

Informal chat
Independent reading comprehension and questions
Write a story on a given subject
Online reading test (adapts to each child’s individual level according to their answers)

Sample text:

Informal chat
Independent reading comprehension and questions
Write a story on a given subject
Online reading test (adapts to each child’s individual level according to their answers)

Sample text:


The Secondary admissions test, in addition to the online reading and comprehension test, has a written and an oral component. Past papers are available for download here. Keep in mind that the format and the structure of the test have evolved and currently consist of a paper with a writing task. Following the written paper, students will be interviewed by one of the Section teachers.

6e (2018-19)          6e (2019-20)

4e (2018-19)              4e (2019-20)

3e (2018-19)                3e (2019-20)

2e (2018-19)                2e (2019-20)

1e (2018-19)                     1e (2019-20)